Lubo's notes

Design Inspiration #1 - Etch Apps

From today I start posting design inspiration articles. In these articles I'll show you some websites or resources with some nice design from which you can get some ideas (not a whole design... it's not you if you do it the same way). I hope you'll like it and don't forget to share it so we can appreciate the talent of the authors : ).

In today's example see the Etch's website with it's awesome tiled design (maybe inspired by windows8). Really, really good spaces, color and font choice. Now is the moment to tell you that the best visualisation you can get is from Internet Explorer 10. The typography isn't looks so well on the other browser. Guys should see this and maybe do something. Instead of this this portfolio is still one of the greatest I've ever seen. It's responsive (you can even test it with Ctrl + Mouse Scroll), it's awesome and it has great environment presentation. I wish this guys more awesome apps and more great ideas in the future. Check the site at

Etch Apps